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Eat. Drink. Be French.

Winter 2023

Eat. Drink. Be French.

Winter 2023

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NYS Restaurant

CHEERS! By Baron François

EAT IN La Recette By Paris Gourmet

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Tomato & Goat Cheese Tart


200g Milk, 250 Heavy Cream, 2 Eggs, 50g Beurremont Crème fraîche, 2g Salt, 0.2g Pepper

In a bowl, whisk together milk, heavy cream, crème fraîche, eggs, salt and pepper. Add to custard as you desire: Piquillo Peppers (drained) Beurremont Goat Cheese Blue Epicure Tuna (drained)

Fill Moda Savory Tart Shells and bake approx. 15 min. At 171˚C/340˚F. Sprinkle with Pilar Herbs de Provence.

Croq' Monsieur 

Rustic loaf, Madrange Ham, Emmenthal Cheese, Dijon Mustard, "grilled" Croq'Monsieur (Panini-style)

Croq'Monsieur: Brush both top & bottom exposed sides of bread with XV olive oil before placing on to panini press. Always use imported French Dijon mustard!

Madrange Recipe Booklet: (201) 939-5656

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Great Dane

Pumpernickel, Madrange Ham, Havarti with Dill, Sliced Avocado,

Watercress and Horseradish Butter.

Horseradish Butter: White Horseradish in Brine (drained), Finely Chopped Shallots, Fresh Chopped Dill mixed in Soft Butter.

Madrange Recipe Booklet: (201) 939-5656

La Mousse au Chocolat

Easy, Fast, Only 2 ingredients: 6 eggs and 250g chocolate, Cacao Noel.

Gently melt chocolate in bain marie.

Separate the white and yellow of the eggs

Whip white eggs in a bowl

Mix chocolate and yellow eggs

Fold egg whites into the chocolate mix

Add raspberries, mint on the top.

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